Back-end Developer, Game solution provider and more

Creating simple solutions for complex problems


Hey! I'm Valérian

I'm a dedicated developer with a strong technical background, having spent four years helping to craft precise solutions for a company specializing in SLT/ATE test production. My expertise lies in tackling complex problems with innovative and efficient solutions, ensuring high-quality results in challenging environments. Currently, I am expanding my skill set by pursuing a degree in Data Engineering through an apprenticeship program. This experience is enriching my abilities in handling large datasets, improving data workflows, and implementing scalable data infrastructures, making me well-versed in the latest industry practices. With a blend of hands-on development experience and cutting-edge data engineering knowledge, I am eager to bring value to your projects, leveraging my skills to drive success and innovation.

Where to find me

Here are some platforms where I offer my services. You can also contact me directly!

On side projects

Some of the side projects I'm working on


Simple Slash Commands System in java on discord for JDA libs

Source code


Simple bot discord that can play music from a link

Source code


A minecraft demo server used as a demo for different types of plugins developed by myself over time.

IOC Framework

A simple homemade IOC framework with some extensions RadioRythm is based on that.

Source code

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